• Superior waterslide decal paper
  • Excellent smoothness
  • Extra stiffness
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Fast release and superior decal mobility
  • Paper available in a range of weights
  • High quality, non toxic coatings
  • Tested and conforms to European Toy Safety
    Standard EN71 part 3


  • Suitable for semi and fully automatic screen and offset litho printing
  • Options available for digital UV inkjet printers
  • Supports detailed designs incorporating multi-colour and the finest detail
  • Superior registration and trouble free printing
  • Suitable for UV drying systems
  • Ability to decorate on curved surfaces with no hard edges
  • Suitable for exact positioning
  • Permanent decoration can be achieved by over lacquering
  • Allows environmentally friendly decoration
  • Lower inventories of finished decoration items as decoration is on demand
Ceramic and glass image transfer

Ceramic & Glass

For over 150 years, we have maintained our market leading position and continue to work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands in producing luxury ceramic and glass products.

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This specialist transfer paper is specifically designed for the decoration of all safety headwear, including motorcycle, winter sports, bicycle and skateboarding. It is now used across the world as the demand for safety and the desire to look stylish continues to grow.

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Bicycle Decals


Specifically designed for the decoration of bicycle frames and components, this specialist decal paper is used by key bicycle brand owners, demanding quality decoration results. Blue tinted versions are available when white is incorporated into the design, allowing the exact detail to be easily seen.

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Skin Decals

Skin and Nails

These transfer papers have been specifically designed for use in creating body art and temporary skin tattoos, including nail decals and are trusted across the world by leading fashion houses, merchandise companies and famous brand names. These products are of great importance to clients who demand temporary skin and nail decorations that are not only easy to apply, but are also as beautiful and as detailed as their designs.

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Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Specialist transfer paper for the decoration of high performance sports equipment. Our decal papers ensure that everything from snowboards and bindings to golf clubs and tennis rackets remain light and aerodynamic, combining high levels of performance with superior print quality.

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Toy and Model decals

Toys and Models

Designed for the intricate decoration of toys and models, this transfer paper is used globally by key toy manufacturer brands and inclusion in model kits. Supports high quality printing from the smallest micro decal to large-scale decoration requirements. Blue tinted versions are available when white is incorporated into the design, allowing the exact detail to be easily seen.

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Digital waterslide papers designed to achieve excellent decoration results from a range of digital printers such as a colour copier, a colour laser, pigmented wide format ink jet andUV printers. Artwork can be printed to produce a transfer, which can then be used to decorate substrates such as ceramic, glass, plastic, metal, wood, wax and painted surfaces. This can provide a highly effective prototype image on a decorated item before investing in full production, or for personalised ‘one off’ products, promotional items and lots more.

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