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With over 175 years of coating and converting experience for various industries and end applications, we have the ability to apply a wide range of coatings to produce exclusive customised products to suit your specific needs. Whether your product needs to offer a high degree of chemical or heat resistance, provide enhanced print performance or even include a complex security feature, we can work with you to find a coating solution.

The versatility of our coating machines enables us to offer a combination of virtually any release liner, adhesive and face material to suit your requirements. In addition, we are also able to offer contract coating, development of multi-layer constructions and strip coating.

Some examples of our Speciality Materials

Transfer Tape

When a material needs to be made self-adhesive, we are able to manufacture a transfer tape that our customers can apply to their specified material. This construction is often utilised for picture mounting, bonding and security package that require a seal.

Pharmaceutical Label Material

Pharmaceutical Label Material

Top-coated direct thermal paper, with a black imaging thermosensitive coating. The coating provides a protective layer, providing excellent resistance to moisture, grease and solvents, etc. Combined with our specifically formulated removable adhesive, this label material is suitable for use across pharmaceutical plastic containers, kraft bags and coated boxes.

Multi-Layer Laminates

Multi-layer constructions replace the need for having several different labels. We can manufacture label material that provides two self-adhesive layers; the top layer can be peeled away and applied to another substrate whilst the intermediate layer stays behind on the labelled surface. Typical uses for these types of laminates are in the pharmaceutical, logistics and direct mail/promotions industries

Metal Detectable Label Material

These label materials have been specifically designed for use in a variety of markets where metal detection is necessary. These materials are also often used when a barrier is required to stop destructive oils or other substances from leaking through the adhesive layer and into the face material and therefore damaging print quality. Typical applications include meat tagging, fruit labels and tyre labelling.

Record Label

Record Label Material

Tullis Russell is the preferred supplier when record label printers are producing the central label for vinyl records. It is resistant to curl and combustion during the vinyl pressing process. Supplied blue/white for ease of identification – blue side is applied to the vinyl.


Digital Receptive Materials

As the use of digital print methods continues to increase, we are able to provide various formulations of digital receptive coatings, enabling more and more substrates to achieve high quality print results when printing digitally. We are regularly asked to partner with companies to apply our knowledge and experience in order to develop coatings that optimise the performance of the substrate in line with their chosen digital technology.

Beverage Label Material

Beverage Label Material

We supply a prestigious range of face materials that are specifically designed for the beers, wines and spirits market. These materials incorporate uncoated, textured, laid, woven and wet strength grades in combination with any adhesive and any liner.

Car Park Ticket Material

Car Park Ticket Material

We are the market leaders in the manufacture of self-adhesive parking ticket material worldwide. Our ticket material supports a range of technological applications, including magnetic stripes, barcodes and RFID.