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Hot Peel Paper

Texitran HS is a lightweight, specialist paper for high quality decoration and has been designed for screen printing using plastisol ink systems. It is ideal for designs with a matt finish, such as T-shirts, sweat shirts, care labels and socks.

Specialist screen printable hot peel transfer paper available in two versions.

Texitran HS properties

  • Coated one side
  • Excellent coating consistency
  • Superior colour reproduction
  • Excellent stability and lie flat
  • Clean release
  • Hot peel and matt ink finish

Texitran HS Premium properties

  • As Texitran HS above
  • Double coated one side release
  • Improved printed decal shelf life
  • Cleaner and easier hot peel release
ProductsWeightRecommended print method
Texitran HS 95 gsmIdeal for screen printing
Texitran HS Premium95 gsmIdeal for screen printing