We are a responsible and ethical business partner and aim to provide the highest service and quality levels for our Customers, whilst minimising our impact on the environment. We are committed to ensure compliance with our legal and other requirements and support a culture of continual improvement. These principles are integrated into our supply chain management to ensure our raw materials are purchased from a responsible and sustainable source. We offer FSC® certified materials and our FSC® certification provides global customers the ability to choose products sourced from social and environmentally responsible forests. In addition to this, our site in Korea conforms to the Oeko-Tex standard which ensures the responsible and sustainable use of chemicals within textile manufacture.

Water Based Coating

From a solely water-based coating platform, we are able to provide our partners and customers with high quality solutions whilst having minimal effect on our environment. Our functional and barrier coating technologies can improve sustainable practices that reduce waste, provide product protection and utilise fewer raw materials.

Water Based Coating Technology