Future solutions

Recyclable, water-based coating and laminating products are being developed to create environmentally responsible alternatives to the materials used today.

Develop them with us – access our technology, expertise and capacity with our Joint Product Development service to create a product that meets your requirements.

Or send us your specification – put our chemistry and creativity to work.

Joint Product Development

To make real progress in finding the products that will shape the future to replace plastics or solvent-based coatings and find truly sustainable solutions, let’s collaborate to create bespoke products to fit your needs.

Take advantage of our world-leading technology, laboratory, chemistry and coating expertise and capacity. We are independent, confidential and highly creative with significant experience in high-speed multi-layer coating of functional ceramics, pigments and polymers. Get in touch today and let’s start inventing the future.

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Trudigital Inkjet Receptive Products

For outstanding printing results and unrivalled resistance to water and chemical attack, trudigital® products are available at up to 2.1m wide.

Custom-coated, pre-coated and laminated media options deliver advanced creativity for your digital end-applications.


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Barrier Food Packaging

Trubarrier Water-based Barrier Coated Papers

Replacing LDPE and other plastic-coatings, our trubarrier® lightweight, environmentally responsible, aqueous coating is certified safe for your Direct Food Contact packaging and is completely Odour and Taint neutral.

It is fully compatible with current UK wastepaper streams, and industrially compostable.


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Bespoke Solutions

Send us your specification for advanced adhesive, barrier, release, digital and specialist coating constructions and put our chemistry and creativity to the test.



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Contract Coating

Commercial coating services are available to those who have the right chemistry without the capacity. Lean on our technical know-how, our laboratory experts and our state-of-the-art coating and finishing equipment.



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