trubarrier® is a Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly, Aqueous Coating that is certified as safe for Direct Food Contact and completely Odour & Taint neutral.

As well as being fully compatible with current UK waste paper streams, without the need for segregation or sorting, trucup® Paper Cups made with our trubarrier® coating can also be certified industrial compostable in accordance with European standard EN 13432.

Our extensive product development process has shown trubarrier® can be tailored to meet the demands of the supply chain and to perform as well as traditional LDPE coating solutions in printing (conventional and digital), cup forming, and consumer application.

We are committed to providing an effective and truly sustainable solution through collaborative partnerships across the value chain. Please contact us for more information about trubarrier® or trucup® if you think your business can benefit from working together with us.

• Lightweight aqueous coating

• Recyclable and compatible with current UK waste paper streams (PTS-RH 021/97)

• Industrially Compostable (DIN EN 13432)

• Suitable for direct food contact (EU Reg. 1935/2004)

• Odour and Taste neutral (DIN 10955)

• Compatible with existing cup forming machines

• Suitable for domestic microwave use

• Optimised for hot cup applications