A different kind of company

In 1986 the Russell family started a ground-breaking process, whereby the ownership of the company would transfer to its employees.

The move towards employee ownership was a decision inspired by the strong personal belief of our then Chairman, David Erdal. He saw that employee ownership was a healthier, more satisfying company structure for employees and management, and that it would lead to deeper levels of employee engagement and higher levels of customer satisfaction than could be achieved within a traditional shareholder or privately-owned structure. This is perfectly aligned with the guiding philosophy of The Russell Trust.

Employee Owned

What this means for you

A trusted Partner for your business

As employee owners we take pride in what we do. We believe in what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Our values drive our behaviour, so you can trust us to do the right thing for the right reasons, not simply to suit shareholders or achieve short-term gain.

Committed for the long term

When you work with us we believe you’ll see that our people try harder to deliver exceptional products and service because that’s what partnership is all about. We’re committed for the long term and we don’t want to let you down.

Expect quicker decisions

When you deal with any of us, you’re speaking to an owner of the company. That means you benefit from quicker decisions because we’re appropriately empowered to come up with solutions and know our business inside out.

Solutions through innovation

Working in partnership to find solutions comes naturally to us. We are motivated to overcome challenges and our flexible, personal approach means we can innovate and experiment to provide real solutions.

The Russell Trust

The Russell Trust is a Charitable Trust supporting a broad range of local charities. Every year it donates significant amounts to hundreds of different charities and educational institutions.

It operates under a guiding philosophy to keep Tullis Russell independent and by so doing keep it flexible and responsive to its customers. Decisions are based on the best interests of our customers, our suppliers and above all, our employees.

To request an application form please contact Russell.trust@tullisrussell.com