COVID-19 Statement

Updated: 15:00 – 18/3/20

At Tullis Russell we continue to closely monitor the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and are following the advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health England (PHE). We are committed to ensuring our staff have a safe, hygienic environment and to minimise any disruption to our manufacturing or supply chain that could impact on our customers.


What are we doing to ensure the safety of our staff and containment of the disease?

  • Self-isolation for employees displaying symptoms or those in high risk categories
  • Implementation of practical social distancing whilst in the workplace, including the restriction of internal meetings with multiple people
  • Training and advice for employees to improve hygiene and limit cross contamination
  • Home working for all staff has been implemented, where it is practical to do so
  • Restrictions on non-essential customer or supplier visits with isolation periods where travel is unavoidable
  • Strict restrictions on visitors to site with only ‘business critical’ appointments authorised


What are we doing to secure the supply-chain and ensure continuity?

  • Increased supplier engagement and multi-supplier contingencies for raw materials
  • Increased inventory for critical raw materials, where practical
  • Staggered work shifts to reduce spread prevention, where it is practical to do so
  • Refined operation impact matrix to understand areas of potential stoppages
  • Retraining of staff to ensure additional cover for key areas across all workstreams
  • Trigger-based actions for swift incident response to infection and/or staff shortages across all workstreams

We are in close communication with our suppliers and we have sought assurances that they maintain diverse raw material supply, manufacturing and distribution, and logistics networks, that will minimise any disruptions in the supply chain. In the UK, many of the actions implemented to ease the potential impact of Brexit are still in place and we are drawing on these facilities to help minimise the effects of this pandemic.

We do not currently foresee any disruption to our customers but continue to closely monitor the situation and will advise should the situation change. We will be posting regular updates on the following website:


Yours faithfully,


Mitch Lambert

Business Unit Director