A Unique Collection

Designed to show the amazing results that can be achieved with Trucard.

What makes it unique

This unique collection demonstrates a combination of over 50 textures, print effects and finishes including fine die cutting, matt, antique, petrol, iridescent, holographic and transparent foils, spot UV, matt UV, machine and glitter varnishes and embossing. An indispensable resource for brand-owners, marketers, designers and printers.

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What is the Trucard Collection?

The Trucard Collection is a set of 6 ‘Sleevelets’ using 6 different Trucard cartonboard finishes including coated, cast coated and uncoated grades.

What did we use?

  • Trucard ice 350 g/m2: Super smooth, polished, flexible, unique
  • Trucard 2 gloss recycled 350 g/m2: Super smooth, polished, flexible, unique
  • Trucard 2 matt bright white 330 g/m2: Super smooth, polished, flexible, unique
  • Trucard 0 matt 330 g/m2: Super smooth, polished, flexible, unique
  • Trucard 0 felt 300 g/m2: Textured, Tactile, Natural, solid
  • Trucard felt extra 280 g/m2: Engineered, versatile, touch, warm
  • Trucard 1 Matt bright white 350g/m2

Design Inspiration

Beautifully decorated products and boxes catch your eye instantly so why should it be any different when we are showcasing what our Trucard range can achieve? It is in our nature to want to investigate something more closely in a shop say if it has caught our eye and perhaps even want to pick up it up.

This was our inspiration behind our Trucard Collection. We set out to push our Trucard range and print finishing processes to their limits and beyond, demonstrating the versatility and dramatic impact on our boards. Beautiful and different print finishes can transform a simple carton with a gorgeous velvety or sparkly surface to a matt or textured effect that have a wonderful feel to them.

So much of what we experience these days is screen based but people connect with what they see, feel and touch, this piece is aimed to achieve this.

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What our customers say about the Trucard Collection

We know that our product is special and we want to keep it that way. The superb gloss of Trucard Ice ensures maximum shelf impact for our premium brand, oozing luxury and supporting our value proposition.

Brand Owner

Our clients demanded nothing less than perfection. Whether the print process is offset litho, flexo or gravure, Trucard matt bright white is an all round performer with an outstanding shade. We trust the products and service we get from the people at Tullis Russell.


With Trucard it is possible to be more creative with foils and finishes, knowing that the proven performance of the board won’t let you down.