Trucard is Tullis Russell's comprehensive range of coated and uncoated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boards designed for the needs of the modern printer. Available in an extensive range of surfaces and finishes, Trucard is ideal for a wide variety of markets and is the product of choice for many leading global brands.

New bright white shade trucard matt

New bright white shade Trucard matt is another great addition to the Trucard range.  A brighter, whiter Trucard matt, with proven success within the packaging market already, has been launched to replace our existing shade.  It’s still the same Trucard that you know and trust, just brighter and whiter.

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In response to the recent trend towards more tactile surfaces, trucard's uncoated product Trucard 0 is the fastest growing grade in the range. It is exceptionally versatile because of its bulk and stiffness which make it an excellent performer in packaging, card, cover and corporate communication applications.


Unrivalled variety

Trucard  offers the largest range of any SBS cartonboard on the market today with an unrivalled variety of surfaces, weights and environmental options. The whole range, both coated and uncoated, is FSC® certified with many 50% post consumer waste (PCW) FSC® recycled options available.

The entire range uses a twin-wire base, creating a true cartonboard, which guarantees outstanding bulk, stiffness and dimensional stability and delivers exceptional print and converting performance.


The range

  • Gloss and matt options in both one and two-side coated boards (Trucard 1 and 2 gloss and 1 and 2 matt)

  • A one side coated high gloss board (Trucard ice)

  •  High performance uncoated options (Trucard 0 matt, felt and felt extra) introduced in response to the growing interest in natural more tactile surfaces.

Recycled options

50% PCW recycled options are also available across the range providing users with a choice of board with superb environmental credentials whilst maintaining the excellent print and conversion performance of a premium cartonboard.

Laminated options

For applications needing heavy-weight packaging board such as premium spirits, display boxes, heavy glass perfume bottles and electronic goods.Trucard x2 is available in standard Trucard 2 gloss and in uncoated Trucard 0 matt in weights from 450 g/m² (600 micron) to 780 g/m² (1000 micron).


HP Indigo options

For short digital runs, such as business cards and personalised greetings cards trucard for HP Indigo versions are available. Our Trucard products achieved the highest rating of 3 stars, also making them ideal for high quality photo printing.

The  Trucard HP Indigo range includes options in Trucard 1 gloss, Trucard 2 gloss and Trucard 0 matt products.

Trucard is great with...

Luxury Packaging

Our premium SBS cartonboard, Trucard, has the widest range of weights and finishes on the market,designed to work perfectly with luxury packaging in mind.


Trucard scores, folds and finishes so easily it's ideal for all card applications such as phone cards, post cards, greetings cards and gift cards.

Book & Brochure Covers

Extensively used in the covers market, Trucard's robust construction and excellent print surface means covers look better for longer.

Corporate Communications

Trucard's reliable printability and broad range  including recycled and HP indigo versions ensure a brand can communicate consistently, beautifully.

Point of sale, tags and bags

With great stiffness, bulk and dust free cutting Trucard is used for retail point of sale by some of the world's top brands.


Find the right product for your needs

The Trucard Collection Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 felt Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 felt extra Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 felt recycled Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 matt Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 matt embossed Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 matt for HP indigo Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 matt recycled Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 matt x2 Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 0 smooth Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss book Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss embossed Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss extra Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss for HP indigo Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss laser Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 gloss recycled Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 1 matt Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 2 gloss Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 2 gloss for HP Indigo Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 2 gloss laser Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 2 gloss recycled Datasheet (PDF)
trucard 2 matt Datasheet (PDF)
trucard ice Datasheet (PDF)
trucard ice silver PortaBio Datasheet (PDF)