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Tullis Russell Coaters reaches its 4-year, zero reportable accidents milestone

16 Mar 2011

Excuse me... Can we have a meerkat moment?

In March, the company celebrated another great achievement of 48 months (4-years) since the last reportable, lost time accident.

To mark the occasion, HS&E Officer, Paul Williams, gave a presentation to the workforce on how the company has evolved over the last 4 years, to have an "interdependent safety culture" . This was undertaken by showing a film about a colony of Meerkats....

Interdependency means everybody looks after eachothers welfare and intervenes if they believe there is a safety concern. When you observe Meerkats you will always see one on 'sentry' duty, looking out for the whole team. The 'sentry' is keeping a look out for predators whilst the other Meerkats are digging for food. You also see that Meerkats cannot be complacent where safety is concerned, which means they all remain 100% safety focussed, 100% of the time. Employees were encouraged to adopt the "Meerkat way" and were asked to have a "Meerkat moment" with colleagues if they observed anybody working unsafely.

At the end of the presentation, a gift, being an E-Pad tablet computer, was given to every employee as a thank you from the safety committee, for continuing to work safely at work and at home.

Keep up the hard work!