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Tullis Russell and Tattoo Manufacturing have been making their product stick at the London Olympics 2012!!

10 Aug 2012

The Tucson business, Tattoo Manufacturing, have had their products displayed all over London during the past few weeks!!

Supplied with Skincal transfer paper from Tullis Russell, Tattoo Manufacturing is the largest temporary tattoo manufacturer in the world. They print approximately 7 million tattoos a day in their Tucson factory and cover many applications, from cartoons to campaign tattoos for presidential elections.

They have printed 300,000 tattoos for the Olympic Committee, that have been sold all over London during the last few weeks.

Beyond the Olympic rings they printed thousands of flags from different countries around the world, so when you see a flag or the Olympic rings on the skin of an athlete or a fan you can bet it was printed on Tullis Russell transfer paper by Tattoo Manufacturing. Visit the link to view the exclusive video!prettyPhoto/0/