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Jersey Post release new Superman stamp on trusecurity postage stamp paper

30 Sep 2013

The Jersey Post has revealed a set of Super Stamps ahead of the release of the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill who comes from Jersey.

True North created the set of six stamps, priced at 45p, which have built on his various superpowers.

The first stamp features a close up of Cavill, triggering an augmented reality app through Smartsy. A transparent stamp illustrates Superman's most famous power - flying, while Simili silver foiling has been used on the third stamp, reflecting the Man of Steel's strength; a Heat Sensitive stamp is printed on monochromic ink, which when warmed reveals the earth behind Superman; and a thermographic stamp uses actual crushed granite from Beauport Bay, which is Cavill's favourite spot in Jersey.
Finally, a glow in the dark stamp shows a message from Superman's kryptonian father, Jor-el, visible only in the dark.

Printed on trusecurity stamp paper, True North worked closely with Cartor Security Printing to develop the print techniques for these designs.