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Canada Post release new Superman stamps on trusecurity postage stamp paper.

01 Oct 2013

Today Canada Post is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman's debut in Action Comics with a six-stamp issue that highlights his evolving image since he was co-created in 1938 by Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster and Cleveland writer Jerry Siegel, his high-school friend.
The one commemorative coil and five commemorative stamps feature images of Superman that show how illustrators have refreshed his image over the decades.

Two of the five different stamp booklet covers recreate the cover of Superman #1 and the cover of Action Comics #13, both released in 1939 and drawn by Shuster. The remaining three include the cover of Superman #204 (2004) drawn by Jim Lee, a Special Collector's Edition Cover of Man of Steel #1 (1986) drawn by John Byrne (and also the source of imagery for the coil stamp), and the cover of Superman Annual #1 (2012) by Kenneth Rocafort.

About the stamps

The Superman stamps were designed by Kosta Tsetsekas and Jasper Murphy of Signals Design Group, based in Vancouver. The five Permanent™ commemorative stamps measure 32 mm x 40 mm. The Permanent™ coil stamp measures 20 mm x 24 mm. All the stamps have simulated 13+ perforations and are printed by Lowe-Martin on Tullis Russell paper using seven-colour lithography. The stamps are self-adhesive and have tagging on four sides.
The new stamps are available at